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Online mosaic art course

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an Online Mosaic Art Course on How To Do “Chinoiserie-Style” Mosaic Wall Art

Learn ALL the skills and steps to create exquisite, luxurious and larger “chinoiserie-style” wall mosaics.

With practice, become a master of working in iridescent and opalescent glass.

Gain knowledge, skill and the know-how to complete personal decor projects and/or commissioned design work.

Open yourself to the possibility of a flourishing career as a one-of-a-kind mosaic artist.

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an online mosaic art class with Rebecca Kaye

Do you adore all things chinoiserie, maximalist, and custom-made in the world of interior design, like De Gournay and Gracie wallpapers? Do you relish working with luxurious tactile materials, brilliant color, and blingy jewels and embellishments?

Would you like to learn the specialized skills of mosaic art to craft your own (large-ish) lush, luxuriant and bespoke wall pieces made from high-end, brilliant iridescent and opalescent glass?

Would you enjoy integrating sentimental costume jewelry and/or found objects into classic and real statement pieces that will not only be stunning, but also stand the test of time?

Would you value learning a slow and zen art form which when finished: shimmers, shines and transports the viewer into your own unique world of delicious flora, fauna, and beautiful embellishments?

Please join me as I take you hand-in-hand through the process of creating a large-ish mosaic wall art piece in the chinoiserie style. We’ll be working through every aspect of “The Love Peacocks,” together, as I continue learning new lessons in mosaic art, right along with you.

I recommend watching through the entire online course in mosaic art before purchasing any supplies or starting a large-scale project. Make sure that a growing passion for this particular art form will sustain you through the sometimes tedious (but such gratifying!) work of cutting, placing and grouting glass.

Mosaic art is…an exercise in delayed gratification. But it’s oh-so-rewarding when your artistic vision develops into stunning, stylish fruition—in the form of a keeper-piece that will dance, dazzle, and shine!

What To Expect from Your Online Mosaic Course

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“In the course, we are simply learning together as I share everything I know about creating a larger mosaic piece (from start to finish) in this very niche style.

If you’re anything like me, with each new and different mosaic you undertake, you will be developing skills both as a craftsperson and a creator capable of patiently manifesting your artistic vision.

Please come with me on this journey of learning first by watching me. Then, the only next thing to do will be for you to BEGIN (and complete!) your piece.”

–Rebecca Kaye

Watch from initial inspiration to final flourishes…as I create a large “statement piece”… a romantic peacock mosaic embellished with “jewels,” sentimental items, and brilliant flowers blooming in all directions.

About Your Mosaic Teacher

I’m Rebecca Kaye (my nom d’art) and I am passionate about creating luxe, feminine mosaic wall art which celebrates the unique world of “chinoiserie.”

Always a student of various arts, I was trained in the basics of art and design at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Later, I studied interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. However, I am self-taught in the art of mosaic. And now I’d like to share my online mosaic art course with you.

How did my journey in mosaic begin? I once bought a large box of beautiful opalescent art glass at a yard sale, not knowing what I would ever do with it. It sat in various storage units for decades awaiting my interest. Finally, one day I removed it from an overseas shipping container, said “hello” to it again, and just got going!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me after finishing your first creation so we can celebrate your perseverance. For mosaic art is not instant gratification. It’s artful application and dedication!

How To Create Chinoiserie-Style Mosaic Wall Art

$49.99 One-Time Course Fee

Course Start Date is: Anytime

Replay The Course: Anytime

Learn: At Your Own Pace

Course Language is: English (without captions or subtitles)

Most lessons are 5-15 minutes in length depending on content and subject matter

Around 50+ bite-sized lessons that need to be followed in sequence

A refresher or basic module in classical elements of art and design (as it relates specifically to mosaics)– included!

A Studio Supplies List containing all the ideal tools, supplies and extras to have in hand before setting out on the creation of a larger mosaic.

One Free 30-minute online tutorial/coaching/evaluation with your instructor, Rebecca, available by arrangement up to one year after course completion. (Email for details during the course).

Start-to-finish coverage of the creation of a larger mosaic: from tools and studio supplies, frames and bases…to getting inspiration, planning, and execution of a cut-glass mosaic featuring various kinds of flowers, birds, leaves, vines, and jeweled embellishments.

Optional chinoiserie imagery “inspirations book” available for extra purchase ($19.95 on Amazon)

Watch as a mosaic artist breaks a larger-scaled piece into manageable components.

Overcome any inertia, intimidation or procrastination in your mosaic work, by viewing another artist take a step-by-step, systematic approach to the completion of a multi-layered “chinoiserie-style” mosaic.

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