About Your Mosaic Art Class

About The Online Mosaic Art Class: How To Create Chinoiserie-Style Mosaic Wall Art

In this online mosaic art class, I’ll teach you how to create stunning, substantial, dazzling and shimmering larger wall mosaics (or stand-alone pieces) using luxurious and posh iridescent and opalescent art glass.

If custom handmade wallpapers like those of Gracie and De Gournay thrill you…and you adore designer fabrics and unique one-of-a-kind decors…And if interior design excites you…you’ve come to the right place! 

This online mosaic art class may be perfect for you.


Because large-scale mosaics make a stunning backdrop to any room. Mosaics, if well crafted, are legacy pieces to be handed down through the ages.

If the idea of high-end crafting, decorating, DIY and creating your own art work makes you rub your hands together in glee…once again, you’re welcome here! 

Finally, if you’re seeking a truly “zen” and contemplative art form that forces you to slow down, be considerate, and to carry out a divine artistic plan…

I’d love to share my journey of creating my piece, “Love Peacocks”  with you. Just know that while it can take time and effort, the process of mosaic will (eventually) reveal your amazing vision in brilliant sheens and shimmery hues.

Please join me here in my online mosaic art class, to watch as I create a “chinoiserie-style” mosaic bursting with florals, birds, vines and hidden surprises.

Online mosaic art class

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